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Ways to Track Web Site Analytics

Ways to Track Web Site Analytics
Many web sites provide web analytics services. Basically, web site analytics includes all of the following information:The inflow of traffic to the web site
  • The page view statistics of the web site
  • The keywords entered in a search engine to land at a particular web page.
  • The overall amount earned by the web site
  • Other similar statistics and figures
Use a web site tracking site for generating web analytics. Or you can use visitor tracking features offered by the web host. There are many popular sites that offer free traffic counters and invisible web site tracking. The next step is to access your web site earnings information from the web site advertisement provider. Likewise, you can access your own data if the advertisement part is taken care of in-house and not by a monetization site.

Record the monthly earnings of your web site in a simple word processor program or a spreadsheet. Also include the month and the year along with the money earned in that month. Using web tracking data, determine the monthly growth of the web site's earnings. Divide the earnings as per the days of the month and note them down. Do this for all the months.

For tracking the visitor traffic, list the total number of views for every month. You can chart the total page views as per the details provided by the web site analytics. Just like the monthly earnings, determine the growth in visitor traffic on your web site. Update your charts and lists at the end of each month.