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Your Guide to Effective Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Your Guide to Effective Web Site Search Engine Optimization
The best way to determine the value of your web site is the Page Rank System used by Google. To increase your page rank, follow these quick ideas and see desired results:
  • You would first have to submit your web site to Google so that it considers your site for indexing. Then you can start considering different web directories to submit your site to. There are plenty of link directories that are popular enough to provide you relevant back links. With the increase in links pointing towards your web site, your page rank and value will increase. The free directories will take months to list your site. With the paid ones, it will be quicker.
  • For getting quality back links, try article marketing. Submit your good quality, keyword rich articles to multiple article directories. Don't forget to add your web site's URL in the signature line. This is a sure way of getting good high quality traffic. You could try the same with blogs. Relevant blogs for your site will also get you desired traffic. To get in direct contact with your potential customers, forum marketing is what you need to do. You could post relevant opinions about the latest products marketed by you. Again add a hyperlink in your custom signature box. All these steps will help you in effective web site search engine optimization.