Monday, December 20, 2010

Target Specific Area with SEO

Target Specific Area with SEO
Organic search engine optimization is used by millions of people worldwide to get their online businesses exposed globally. This is the beauty of the net. You can reach out to enormous, wider audiences with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in a remote area or in the city, you can target those places where it was impossible to reach out to before.

You can even target different language speaking countries through organic search engine optimization campaign. Some of the most effective methods used by SEO consultants are:

1.Geo targeting in Google: Due its relevancy, Google is targeted by almost all. We all know that the results provided by Google are accurate and useful, which is made possible by their complex algorithms that are closely guarded. Google also recognizes the global position of a searcher and generates search results that are from around the area. This is another way they keep the search relevant. So, it’s important to cover all bases when you target a specific location.

2.Domain extension: When you choose your domain name, it is important to note that the associated domain extension always has more power in a specific country.

3.Hosting: Another main point is the site hosting location. This could also be based in the country you tend to target. If you are hosted in that area, the IP address of the server will be recognized and it provides Google search engines with more info and conclusiveness of where you are based at.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Different Types of Link Building- Now You Too Can Become an Expert

Different Types of Link Building- Now You Too Can Become an Expert
Links can be built in a variety of ways. Present below, is a list that highlights some of the most commonly used link building methods. Bare in mind that some of these links are quiet easy to build, whereas other may take a lot of time and energy:

1.Authority links: Once you have got your site up and running, you got to invest most of your energy,time and money in trying to attain these types of links. The main reason for this is that, authority links can drastically improve your quality score as well as your sites link popularity.

2.Reciprocal links: These types of links, function on a barter system principle. For it is a process of exchanging links on the basis of some sought of agreement that takes place between two parties. Once again this type of link can help you increase the traffic towards your site as well as you link popularity.

3.One way link building: This type of links are extremely essential, especially if your want to increase your link popularity. But, bare in mind that this type of links are not easy to obtain. This process requires a lot of patience and energy. But the key is to never give up.

4.Article links: Haven't we all heard the saying that, “content is king”. Well it's time to make use of the content you write, to its utmost potential. In order to build this type of links, you need to start off by writing some unique and fresh articles. Then all your got to do, is submit them to the various legitimate article sites.

All in all, link building can prove to be a very lengthy process, hence you need to have a certain sense of dedication, if you want to succeed in this online global battle field.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Guide to Effective Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Your Guide to Effective Web Site Search Engine Optimization
The best way to determine the value of your web site is the Page Rank System used by Google. To increase your page rank, follow these quick ideas and see desired results:
  • You would first have to submit your web site to Google so that it considers your site for indexing. Then you can start considering different web directories to submit your site to. There are plenty of link directories that are popular enough to provide you relevant back links. With the increase in links pointing towards your web site, your page rank and value will increase. The free directories will take months to list your site. With the paid ones, it will be quicker.
  • For getting quality back links, try article marketing. Submit your good quality, keyword rich articles to multiple article directories. Don't forget to add your web site's URL in the signature line. This is a sure way of getting good high quality traffic. You could try the same with blogs. Relevant blogs for your site will also get you desired traffic. To get in direct contact with your potential customers, forum marketing is what you need to do. You could post relevant opinions about the latest products marketed by you. Again add a hyperlink in your custom signature box. All these steps will help you in effective web site search engine optimization.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Importance of Customer Feedback for your Website

More and more companies nowadays have started collecting their customer’s opinions. And for a good reason! There is great potential in collecting customer feedback.

In these competitive times, it is very important for business owners to know what their customers think about them. Many businesses are just about getting by and are struggling to stay afloat. This is why it is very important for them to understand where they are going wrong and to make every attempt to improve their business. And this can only be done by taking the help of their customers.

This basically means that the hundreds and thousands of customers that you come into contact with everyday will give you the best and most unbiased feedback possible, which will help in many ways to boost your website’s performance. Asking for customer feedback is a very important part of your sales strategy, and it is also perhaps the easiest part.

The best way to implement such a strategy is by putting your contact details on your website. Ask your customers how they feel about your services and what went wrong. Ask them whether they had a good time working with you and if not, then why. Ask them how you can improve their shopping experience with and whether they would recommend your business to their family and friends. The feedback that you receive should be analyzed and used carefully to improve you business as well as your customers’ experience with you.

Many of your customers however, may suggest that you lower your prices. It is up to you to implement such a suggestion.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Website Link Building tips - The Sky is no longer the Limit

Great Website Link Building tips - The Sky is no longer the Limit
In today's world, the Internet is used as an arena to reach out to potential customers. However, if one does not know the tricks to this trade, it is very easy to get lost in this vast space of the web world. It is always advisable to consult a professional SEO company if one wants their website to have a long sustaining life.

Link building as a marketing strategy has changed drastically since its earlier days. In order to use this strategy to its utmost potential one needs to constantly update oneself. Hence, present below is a list of the various aspects of advanced link building:

1.Website Link building is primarily a method by which back links are built so that your website can be better indexed in major search engines, including Google and Yahoo and AOL. In other words, the more back links you have on your website, the more traffic your website generates. Thus link building plays an important role in any SEO campaign. This, however, directly depends on the website as well as the directory where the links have been submitted.

2.The art of linking is no different than any other aspect of online marketing, for even in this strategy you must definitely know your audience, in order to find the types of sites that they come from.

3.You can avoid some very common pitfalls of obtaining link popularity or Page Rank. This simply means that one needs to stay away from free-for-all link farms or link schemes as well hidden links.

4.One important point to note is that links posted on relevant sites are more likely to be recognized by search engines. Just as links that are posted on credible directories tend to have a greater value than those that are posted on ordinary blogs.

5.Finding reciprocal links is a time consuming task. Furthermore larger clients rarely have a good reason to swap links or find an appropriate place for outbound links on their websites. Thus the only way around this situation is to improve the inbound link structure for the long-term. For instance, one can distribute articles and press releases for syndication. This process when done well gets archived in the heart of the web's structure. These types of documents should generally also be indexed in an archive within your own site.

Overall, we can say that website link building is a time-consuming process that requires your constant attention and monitoring. Thus it is advisable to outsource this task to a great link building service. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on other important functions of your businesses.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ways to Track Web Site Analytics

Ways to Track Web Site Analytics
Many web sites provide web analytics services. Basically, web site analytics includes all of the following information:The inflow of traffic to the web site
  • The page view statistics of the web site
  • The keywords entered in a search engine to land at a particular web page.
  • The overall amount earned by the web site
  • Other similar statistics and figures
Use a web site tracking site for generating web analytics. Or you can use visitor tracking features offered by the web host. There are many popular sites that offer free traffic counters and invisible web site tracking. The next step is to access your web site earnings information from the web site advertisement provider. Likewise, you can access your own data if the advertisement part is taken care of in-house and not by a monetization site.

Record the monthly earnings of your web site in a simple word processor program or a spreadsheet. Also include the month and the year along with the money earned in that month. Using web tracking data, determine the monthly growth of the web site's earnings. Divide the earnings as per the days of the month and note them down. Do this for all the months.

For tracking the visitor traffic, list the total number of views for every month. You can chart the total page views as per the details provided by the web site analytics. Just like the monthly earnings, determine the growth in visitor traffic on your web site. Update your charts and lists at the end of each month.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

SEO Myths that need to go

SEO Myths that need to go
You must have read so many articles on the net about the myths of website search engine optimization. Now, the fact is that these SEO myths seriously need to die or else it can be a great hindrance to the efforts that most of us do while optimizing a site. Well, for experts it is easy to distinguish between a fact and a myth but for those SEO amateurs, there is a great chance for them to choose the wrong road.

The points below are some SEO myths that need to be wiped out from the whole scene:
  • SEO a stand alone activity: Whoever has created this myth seriously needs to check their IQ on SEO or Internet marketing. There are many facets of web hosting, design and more that can have a big impact on an organic search result. Some people think that SEO sits on a complete separate chair and others go around it without affecting the work required to improve ranking.
  • SEO and SEM are different: The thing is that SEO is a part of SEM and it is a single tactic of the overall marketing plan.
  • SEO – a subset of Social Media: You can see a lot of intersections between SMO and SEO but SEO is definitely not a subset of SMO. SEO can boost the social networking growth and SMO can facilitate link building. They are two sides of one coin but are different at the same time.
  • SEO comes after site launching: Let’s say you are running a relay race but forgot to take the baton. You have to run back to get it. Though it is not a rule that SEO must be implemented before launching a site but for more effective results, it is always better to implement it while developing a site. Otherwise you have to go back to the design base and start new all over again.